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Walking the length of Norway, Sweden and Denmark

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Rohan Riches

Please help support my journey as I walk approximately 3000 miles in aid of Melanoma UK in 30 weeks to raise awareness of skin cancer in Britain.

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 3.1 million people in the world have Melanoma.

It's a shocking statistic and yet, people still regularly use sun-beds for vanity purposes and would rather apply tanning oils than protective sun-creams. Melanoma counts for less than 1% of skin cancer cases but the vast majority of skin cancer deaths.

Melanoma is the second most common cancer in caucasian women aged 15-29. The catagory I would fall into myself.

I was first made aware of Melanoma four years ago when my mom was diagnosed after having a mole on her head removed. This summer, we found out that the cancer was back and had advanced. It was now in her lymph nodes and she would be needing a major operation to remove these and further investigate. Two months after her operation, mom was met with the descision on whether to undergo radiotherapy treatment.

Through all of this, mom repeatedly told us how supportive Melanoma UK and her friends also diagnosed with Melanoma had been. It was a community of people that she couldn't have done without.

This is why I want to give back and raise money for the charity, so any donations, big or small are greatly appreciated.

Event details

A solo trek through Scandinavia

Setting off from Aalborg in Denmark, I am determined to walk south-east to Sweden, where I will trek north above the arctic circle before heading back west into Norway. The journey will be approximately 2,500-3000 miles through the Scandinavian wilderness and will be luxury-free. No running water, spending months living in a tent and eating basic dried foods. 

I have always tried to test myself when it comes to outdoors activities, however, there is always that fear in the back of my head that I will give in half way through, but I do this for charity then I will follow through with my challenge. No matter how tiring, back-breaking and mentally challenging.

It will be the wildlife and nature, spectacular views and, hopefully, meeting likeminded individuals and supportive people that will keep me going.

Throughout the journey, I will be keeping regular (or as regular as can be with little connection to the internet) blog posts and instagram posts reminding people why I am completing the journey, hoping to bring global awareness to the cause.

POST WALK UPDATE: The trek was completed in 192 days with a total of 3042 miles! Thank you all for the support along the way.

Event date

11-April-2018 12:00  - 
07-November-2018 14:00

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Overseas challenge

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More change from around the house for you!!
Donation by Nan, Grandad and Mom
on 08-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 05-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Thanks for joining us for the week with wine, card games and lots of singing! See you in Feb ❤️
Donation by Arnold, Casiana & Daniel Glasmacher
on 31-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Nice to see you back at the pub Rohan, congratulations on finishing your walk.
Donation by Alan (Elmley Castle)
on 29-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Good one Rohan, welcome back
Donation by Neil, Queen Elizabeth Pub, Elmley Castle
on 29-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Well done Rohan on finishing the walk. You're simply the best!!
Donation by Paul from Hall Green
on 29-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Congratulations on completing your walk Rohan, for such a great cause!! What an amazing achievement!
Donation by Ryan Caprani-Warner
on 20-10-2018
£7.50 gift aid
Well done Rohan!! What an absolutely amazing achievement!!! I can imagine it was incredibly tough so I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. It’s my favourite part of the world- I’m hoping to go hiking in Norway one day. You’ve definitely inspired me!
Donation by Ruth @suffolkramblings
on 17-10-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Donation by Rebecca Challis
on 16-10-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Rohan you are a true hero to us all, stay strong my niece, hold your head high and know you are one of life's winners, no shirt and tie can match what you've done, stay safe xxx
Donation by Uncle Lee
on 10-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid

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