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Max's Walk4Wildlife to help the cheetahs

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Max Henshaw

Please help me save the Cheetahs!

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Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

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Hi. I'm 15. Last year I went to Longleat Safari Park on an 'enrichment trip' with my school. I was nervous about going because I don't like busy public places - that's part of my autism. I was worried but excited about going. I managed the trip really well and the absolute highlight for me was seeing the Cheetahs. They were simply beautiful.
Before I went to Longleat I found it hard to be really interested in anything for any period of time and I never before felt so happy when I looked at something like I do now when I see Cheetahs. I've become very keen on Cheetahs ever since my school trip and have done lots of reading about them and trying to draw them. 
The Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. But their living space has got smaller, and they are vulnerable. They are fighting more and more with stronger animals, and their numbers are getting fewer, around 7,100 left. That makes me sad and very worried.I wanted to raise some money and do something for a cause I'm interested in - the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. It will be a big achievement if I can do the 20 mile Cheetah night Walk4Wildlife. I hope you will feel inspired to donate and sponsor me! Many thanks, Max 

Event details

20 mile night Walk4Wildlife

In late October I'm facing a lot of challenges by taking part in a public event organised by Walk4Wildlife. I don't usually like the public - no offence -because being in public makes me anxious. I'm sometimes cross because the public maybe doesn't understand my autism. It's not my fault and I'm not naughty! At the moment I don't see why I have to change to fit in with society - but Mum and Dad tell me I have to do some things just because that's the way it is and because I will need to navigate my way through a social world, and to try and be independent and go to shops and take public transport. I have a long way to go to get independent as I have many things I'm very worried about - and my worries always seem to be bigger when I'm out in public places.
But my loving cheetahs is helping me face some of my fears -  I want to help them stay alive as a species and they're also helping me - of course they do not know this! But when I look into their beautiful sad eyes I think they might know it.I went with my Dad to a cheetah place and because I felt like I could be do things when I'm around them I touched a dog for the first time in 11 years. Please help the cheetahs. Thank you.

Event date

28-October-2017 22:00  - 
29-October-2017 02:00

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Running / Walking

Event is completed


Very well done, Max and Claire!!
Donation by Antje
on 04-11-2017
£12.50 gift aid
An excellent cause!
Donation by Margaret and Maria Travis
on 04-11-2017
£5.00 gift aid
What an adventure for you both - I've never done anything like that. Congratulations.
Donation by Nick & Mo
on 04-11-2017
£12.50 gift aid
Very impressive Max and also to Claire. I can see your love of cats knows no bounds and your commitment is so impressive. Best wishes, Howard, Jennifer, Olivia & Susie (Leigh)
Donation by Anonymous
on 04-11-2017
£12.50 gift aid
Good luck Max
Donation by The Steiners
on 30-10-2017
£2.50 gift aid
Well done Max, go for it.
Donation by Turner family
on 30-10-2017
£5.00 gift aid
Good luck Max, amazing walk, great cause!
Donation by Shelley Lozano
on 27-10-2017
£0.00 gift aid
An excellent cause - well done Max!
Donation by Davina and Rowan
on 23-10-2017
£12.50 gift aid
Well done Max! xoxo
Donation by The McChesneys
on 17-10-2017
£7.50 gift aid
Good luck Max
Donation by Jules and family
on 17-10-2017
£5.00 gift aid

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