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This fundraising page celebrates the birth of

HannaH MaryaM

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sabena huda

iERA’s vision is based on the Prophetic Mission; a world reconnected to God.

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Asalaamu Alaikum 

By the grace, mercy & love of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala), He has blessed our family with another little princess in February 2018. We have named her Hannah. Inspired by the mother of Mary and referred to in Surah Maryam, 19:13 [Qur'an]. 

We pray that Allah makes her pious, as well as her siblings & the rest of the ummahs children. Ameen. 

As part of our gratitude during this time in my pregnancy we pledged to donate to this beneficial project:

'This will be IERA’s First mosque and we have decided to call it masjid Hannah. A Jewish, Christian & Muslim female name that means compassion & love, and this is exactly what we want this project to achieve.'

IERA do not specifically fundraise for masajids, but this is part of their work of advancing the Prophetic Mission across the world. 

They have already started to build the foundations, Bismillah. 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) added: "Then both of them went on building and going round the Ka'bah saying: "O our Lord! Accept (this service) from us, verily, You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing." (al-Baqarah, 2:127)

Event details

Help build masjid Hannah

iERA’s vision: the development of duaat to convey the compassionate message of Islam & positively contribute to society. 

In November 2017, Salahuddin Patel & Abdurraheem Green went to Malawi to provide training for iERA’s outreach coordinator Ahmed Chienda and facilitate activities in various Malawian villages. A few weeks prior to this Ahmed and his associate, Mohamed Kamel Eweis (African Relief), built a water pump in a village called Owndi. This gave him the opportunity to share the message of Islam and with iERA’s recent trip more people entered Islam. The total number of new Muslims is now approximately 70. 

After discussions with Abdurraheem, Salahuddin, Ahmed and Mohamed, the conclusion was to build a multi-purpose mosque and hire an imaam/educator for the development & empowerment of new Muslims.

The mosque project will be managed by Ahmed Chienda, our full time outreach specialist in Malawi. He has a very close relationship with the village. The NGO iERA will use to build the mosque is the well known & respected, African Relief.

For more info visit:

Event date

19-February-2018 21:10  - 
30-June-2018 00:00

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May Allah Swt give us all success in our jaiz haajaat Ameen
Donation by Naveed
on 28-06-2019
£7.50 gift aid
For our sweet little granddaughter and neice. May the project touch peoples lives positively, injecting the kind of Love and respect we share within our family. God Bless xx
Donation by Tzortzis family
on 01-06-2019
Continue with the dawah work
Donation by Anonymous
on 31-05-2019
£90.00 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 21-05-2019
£30.00 gift aid
May Allah guide us all and bless you for your efforts
Donation by Sofia Azam
on 16-05-2019
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by sabena huda
on 07-05-2019
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Rani aunty
on 29-04-2019
£0.00 gift aid
This donation is on behalf of my son Zakariyya who is turning 3 this month insha'allah
Donation by Nazmeen Younis
on 07-04-2019
May Allah swt put Barakha in this good cause. Please remember me, my dear parents and family in your duas.
Donation by Ms Naveed Khan
on 01-02-2019
May Allah swt help you succeed in your good cause Please remember me and my children and my family in your duas.
Donation by Anonymous
on 21-01-2019
£0.00 gift aid

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