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Lou Conran panics for charity

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Lou Conran

You know when you have an idea to help an important charity, and then, you up end agreeing to do something like raise 50k in a year? Yeahhhhh, that.

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Saying Goodbye

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In 2016 I had to end my pregnancy of five months because my little girl was too poorly to go full term. 
It was the single most devastating thing I've ever had to do. 
She is missed every single day and although she isn't physically here, her life remains just as important to be remembered as any other member of my family that had a good innings. 
I came across via the wonders of social media, and the support they provide to women, and men and their families is invaluable. 
So here's the thing... I've agreed to try and raise up to £50k. I know.
I've been collecting donations for the last 12 months, and this page will now be staying open until April 2019, so there is plenty of time to donate.
By donating you will be helping to provide support for so many people that have suffered or are affected by the loss of a baby. 
If you can, please donate, every little helps. 
Thank you. 


Event details

Lou Conran does things for your money

What's your money raising activity Lou?

Christ knows, but it will involve comedy, and shows, and audiences, and possibly challenges, and generous donations, and anything I can possibly do to get you to give me your money. 

Event date

13-April-2017 11:00  - 
13-April-2019 18:00

Event type

Various events

Event is completed


This is a donation from the Sales of cards you gave to me Lou to sell. I am so proud that you have raised this fantastic amount for this very worthwhile charity. 🌹 love mum
Donation by Jan Conran
on 19-06-2019
£0.00 gift aid
Well done Lou, amazing achievement XXX
Donation by Sarah Hollingworth
on 16-06-2019
£0.00 gift aid
You have raised a fantastic amount! Well done! Lots of love xxx
Donation by Claire and Steve
on 10-06-2019
£25.00 gift aid
I lost my daughter Noa under similar circumstances 7 months ago and related to so much of what you experienced. Thank you so much for speaking about your Emma and spreading awareness and understanding. Much love to you xxx
Donation by Rebecca Church
on 10-06-2019
£2.50 gift aid
Much love to you xxxx
Donation by Emma Eveleigh
on 23-01-2019
£2.50 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 19-01-2019
£0.00 gift aid
As promised on my Insta page (@afteralexandra36) one of my "instead of Christmas cards" donations. XX
Donation by Claire McLennan
on 13-12-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Hey lou, sorry it’s not much but I’ve pretty much emptied my bank account on presents. Hope it helps a smidge x
Donation by Olly
on 01-12-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Hey lou lou, I’m donating again, but this time on behalf of Olly and Els who want to help. Big love for us all xxxx
Donation by Krusty
on 01-12-2018
£7.50 gift aid
Glad to be able to donate again. You are amazing Lou and so caring. Love you 😘. Mum and Dad xxx
Donation by Jan conran
on 30-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid

Donation summary

Online Donations: £9,863.67
Offline Donations: £11,596.11
Total Raised: £21,459.78
Total Raised
with gift aid:    £22,193.53

Donations closed

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