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Karen's 50th birthday challenge

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Karen Sykes

the challenge to complete all the list before Sami's 24th birthday and my 50th yikes!!

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so I am now 49 and in 12 months I will hit 50! After the sudden and tragic death of my soul mate Ian to suicide in October I can't say celebrating a birthday is something I want to now do. So what can I do cos coming up to 50 is a landmark birthday. My family and Ian's family have experienced trauma that is not just a punch in the face it is life shattering. Ian's niece Samantha Sykes was murdered in 2012, she was 18 with her whole life ahead of her. But because she responded to her friend's request for help she ended up dead. Sami was beautiful in body and mind. Her uncle Ian my darling husband was a very intelligent kind and generous man who loved his family with his whole being so for Ian and Sami I am doing this!! Dear dear God the biggest thing will be the hair 😥

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Karen is 50 and there are some challenges

So Now 49 & in this year I will complete challenges for charity! I am very scared this is going to destroy me. All my family & friends who know me really really know me will fully understand but the hair is the killer 😥
I have 2 charities: obviously Samantha Sykes FT
But after Ian died to suicide I was plummeted into a world of the Unknown the taboo!! We do not say the word .. Suicide! So raising money for SOBS.
Dig deep my friends and family here goes:
One month with no alcohol
year without red wine and Haribo
Climb Ben Nevis
Climb Snowden
Run half marathon
Outdoor 1 mile swim
1 month juice challenge .... No solid food
Fire walk
10 mile cycle challenge 😬
Sing Karaoke 🙉
Learn to pole dance right to the top of the pole!
Touch a frog
Kiss a slug 🙊
Hold a rat 🙈
Sing live on a stage 🙉

Dance on point again
Get on TV
Kiss a celebrity
Camp for a full weekend 😬
Have all my hair cut off its the only thing I like about myself 😰😰

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05-April-2016 09:00  - 
04-April-2017 00:00

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Various individual challenge

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You are a true inspiration Karen!! Love you 💘 Very proud of you!! I'm sure we can skip the kissing a slug part though I might vomit for you!!
Donation by Nic Smith
on 15-06-2016
£0.00 gift aid
You are one crazy lady!! But inspirational all the same!! Good luck in all of your challenges xx
Donation by Emma Liderth
on 15-06-2016
£0.00 gift aid
What an inspiration you are to so many Karen. I, like many others are so very proud of you 😊
Donation by Louise Callan
on 19-05-2016
£0.00 gift aid
You are amazing! Go girl!!!
Donation by Lindsey knowles
on 19-05-2016
£0.00 gift aid
You can do this! Proud of you xxx
Donation by Natx
on 19-05-2016
£0.00 gift aid
Good luck to a most wonderful person inside and out. You should be very proud of yourself xx
Donation by Andrea
on 27-04-2016
£0.00 gift aid
Good luck lovely lady xx
Donation by Aideen
on 27-04-2016
£0.00 gift aid
You can do it! I am sure Ian and Sami will looking down on you and smiling to themselves x x
Donation by Anna
on 07-04-2016
£0.00 gift aid
Good luck & any support you need along the way you only need to ask xxxx
Donation by Gill Poyser-Young
on 06-04-2016
£0.00 gift aid
You are amazing ... Can I be there when you kiss a slug 👀😜
Donation by Carol Williams
on 06-04-2016
£0.00 gift aid

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