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Orienteering Control Challenge

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Julie Cleary

Visiting 120 orienteering controls - 1 for every month in the 10 years since my stroke

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The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

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On 20th October 2008, I had a dissection (a tear in the lining) in my left carotid artery causing a stroke.  I remember trying to say something and nothing came out.  I was whisked off in an ambulance to spend a month in hospital, speechless!
My neurologist diagnosed aphasia, among other things, and I was assigned a Speech and Language Therapist.
Aphasia is an inability to comprehend or formulate language due to damage in the brain.  Often caused by strokes but head trauma and progressive neurological disorders (eg MND and dementia) can worsen the condition.
Imagine not being able to tell your doctor how you feel? Or being incapable of saying please or thank you - that was my life for about 2 months before I began to teach my brain to communicate again. 
Pippa, my SLT, and Ronan worked very hard teaching me to speak, read and write (at first with my left hand: almost illegible!), like I was a toddler  A for apple, B for bird, C for cat....
With a lot of hard work over months I got back to speaking (slowly at first), reading newspapers and books, to work, and in 2014 I took my last OU exam and gained my BSc. 
Many people aren't so lucky - I'm doing this for them.   

Event details

Julie's Orienteering Control Challenge

Orienteering is often called "the thought sport", and a therapist speculated that my recovery was greatly aided as all my life my brain has been trained to figure out routes around things - like a lake or damaged neurons!
I'm asking you to please sponsor me for every control flag I find on my races for a month - only the correct ones, of course 😊  
One control for each month since I had the stroke so 120 in total ; 10p per control is £12, 20p would be £24 and so on.   
Update 1: Started well as I got 39 controls at Guildford Orienteers & Happy Herts events.
Update 2: Sunday 28 was tough, cold and rainy but I managed 22 flags at Saxons SE Score Champs.
Update 3: Winchester City (17 flags) & November Classic on 3/4 Nov.  Ran over 7km through marsh & heather on Sunday for a meagre 11 controls!
Update 4: Controller's Assistant at the LOK Holmbury event on 11/11, I checked 12 controls.  101 flags - getting near!
Update 5: MV Night (16th) and SO's Tilgate (17th) events - 14 flags each.  Then did the Yellow with friends & got another 8.
          😊 137 controls 😊 Thanks everybody
See gallery for photos.

Event date

20-October-2018 00:00  - 
21-November-2018 00:00

Event type

Orienteering Control Challenge

Event is completed


Saw the news item in Compass Sport - inspirational story
Donation by Duncan Archer
on 01-12-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Donation by Jeremy Wilde
on 29-11-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Well done Julie, £1 for each one you found at our Winchester event
Donation by Allan Farrington
on 29-11-2018
£4.25 gift aid
Well done, Julie. You are my star.
Donation by Ursula
on 28-11-2018
£12.50 gift aid
Well done!
Donation by Tim and Sally
on 23-11-2018
What a great challenge! Well done
Donation by Sarah Howes
on 21-11-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Well done Julie, you're just amazing xx
Donation by Cazy H
on 21-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Wow, you are an incredible lady & an inspiration to many xx
Donation by Sam Mitchell
on 21-11-2018
£2.50 gift aid
See you in a forest somewhere soon Julie.
Donation by David Kingdon
on 20-11-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Donation by The Heikkinens
on 20-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid

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Online Donations: £3,385.00
Offline Donations: £0.00
Total Raised: £3,385.00
Total Raised
with gift aid:    £4,005.62

Donations closed

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