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Hiking and Sleeping Rough

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James Chisem

I intend to hike from Manchester to Hebden Bridge and sleep rough for two nights to raise money for Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield (DASH).

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Towards the end of December, I began putting together a bucket list for 2018. By the time I'd added what I thought was more than enough activities, I soon realised that everything was focussed on my own personal development and wellbeing. So, I decided that I'd try to do something to benefit other people, too. After a lot of umming and ahhing, I resolved to raise as much money for Huddersfield-based charities as possible.

I chose to kick things off with DASH for 3 reasons: one, charities that cater for refugees are often overlooked by mainstream donors; two, a society can only be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members, and refugees are often just that; three, my own grandmother was a refugee of sorts, fleeing Prussia in the last days of the Second World War, before making her way to the UK.

I'm hiking and sleeping rough because I asked Twitter to "choose my pain." I suppose if you think about, there's something symbolic about crossing a border (Yorkshire/Lancashire), a banal routine for most Westerners, but an unwelcome, perilous venture for millions elsewhere. 

This is the least I can do to help. What about you?

Event details

Hiking and Sleeping Rough for DASH

On day one, I'll hike from Manchester to Marsden and sleep rough for the night. 

On day two, I'll hike from Marsden to Huddersfield, before settling in for another night on the cobbles.

On day three, I'll hike from Huddersfield to Hebden Bridge.

All funds raised will go to Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield (DASH), a small charity which offers support and advice for asylum seekers and refugees. 

For more information about DASH, visit

Event date

03-March-2018 08:00  - 
05-March-2018 06:00

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Hiking and sleeping rough

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Good luck
Donation by Jenny Hemming
on 01-03-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Great cause, good luck!
Donation by Stephen Garside
on 28-02-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Donation made on behalf of various members of the Colne Valley Labour Party
Donation by Anonymous
on 28-02-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Richard Murgatroyd
on 28-02-2018
I would have given you 20 quid but knocked off a fiver seeing as this little round trip doesn't end in the dazzling lights of Mirfield x
Donation by Susie Beever
on 27-02-2018
£3.75 gift aid
Good luck---and don't forget two vests and a pair of 'long johns ' at least.
Donation by Megan's mum
on 19-02-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Aisling Davis
on 17-02-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Dave Hey
on 15-02-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Good luck. You got this ... *fist pump*
Donation by Anonymous
on 13-02-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Donation by Adam Ellis
on 12-02-2018
£0.00 gift aid

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