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Emergency Support for Syrian Refugee Families

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Dr Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar

I am raising emergency funds for Syrian refugee families affected by the war in Syria. This will facilitate medical aid, food and shelter.

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In my role as a medical doctor, I have travelled inside Syria during the current conflict and worked in some of the field hospitals in Idlib and with the Aleppo Medical Council. I witnessed first hand the atrocities and suffering Syrian refugees are trying to escape from.

Ghouta,  a city that has been under siege is experiencing constant bombardment- no human being should have to live through the trauma and insecurity of impending death from aerial strikes. So many have been killed needlessly. We CANNOT wait until a political compromise is negotiated to help the vulnerable. Aid efforts MUST CONTINUE! 
My family and I have been fundraising and working with Syrian refugees for over 6 years now and have collectively raised over half a million pounds for this cause. However, we cannot become complacent as this is only a drop in the ocean of assistance that is needed.
Thank you for all your support so far; I hope that you can continue to support our work in the year ahead as we are aiming to facilitate emergency aid in every critically hit area as we can. We are in this for the long run- for as long as the war continues and families need help. 

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Community Fundraising for Syrian Refugees

Millions of innocent lives have been affected by the violence in the last 7 years in SYRIA. Hundreds of thousands are already dead. TEAM ZULFIQAR are fundraising to support some of the millions of refugees that have fled the crisis- Most recently from besieged Aleppo and Idlib. Our fundraising campaigns include climbing Kilimanjaro4Syria, BenNevis4Syria, Snowdon4Syria, Baking Cakes4Syria, applying Henna4Syria, serving Icecream4Syria, running Charity Makeup Workshops4Syria and many other initiatives! We're asking you to DIG DEEP for ongoing projects that we have helped set up through this charity!! The need for medical & emergency supplies is dire! We thank you for all your support in raising this money so far. However, the situation is ongoing and efforts MUST CONTINUE. Millions are still living in hardship. Make a difference NOW by helping us to help them! We thank you in advance for your generosity! For more information, visit

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27-January-2018 09:00  - 
28-February-2019 00:00

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Emergency Relief for Syrian Refugees

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For my late parents"nd son alive" Just my best prayers to ALLAHswt to Rescue nd Releases ASAP, the PAINS WOUNDS of MUSLIMS & the ENTIRE HUMANITY" & CURE them from HIS "OWN POWERS" AMEEN
Donation by Tabussum Abdullah
on 23-02-2018
£7.50 gift aid
Keep Going....
Donation by Shahzad & Riffat Hussain, Leeds
on 23-02-2018
£12.50 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 23-02-2018
£7.50 gift aid
May Allah reward you baraqah in abundance, keep you safe, ease and protect Syrians.
Donation by Anonymous
on 23-02-2018
Ya Rabb please help, protect, nourish our brothers and sisters and take away their pain, fear and suffering
Donation by Anonymous
on 23-02-2018
£5.00 gift aid
May Allah ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters Ameen
Donation by ameena khawaja
on 22-02-2018
£25.00 gift aid
May Allah have mercy upon the people of Al Sham, Ameen.
Donation by Anonymous
on 22-02-2018
May Allah help our brothers and sisters that are in difficulty Ameen.
Donation by Saima
on 22-02-2018
£7.50 gift aid
May Allah protect our Muslim family in Gouta Ameen
Donation by Hanna
on 22-02-2018
This donation is for ghouta appeal.
Donation by Nishat Dar
on 22-02-2018
£0.00 gift aid

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Online Donations: £22,361.00
Offline Donations: £5,175.62
Total Raised: £27,536.62
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with gift aid:    £28,976.62

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