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Dawn Brogden

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The UK Mastocytosis Support Group

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I am raising awareness for Mastocytosis. Masto is a rare condition that my little boy Dylan aged 6 suffers from. It is caused by excessive amounts of mast cells in body tissues and organs; these cells release large amounts of chemicals into the blood. When too many mast cells exist the additional chemicals cause a number of symptoms which can range from intensity. Some of the clinical symptoms a person experiences when suffering from Masto vary and are very unpredictable. They can include headaches, itching, flushing, palpitations, fainting, gastric diseases, abdominal cramps, bone pain, breathing difficulties, brain fog, uncontrolable rages, urinary symptoms, swelling of the lymph glands, liver, spleen, leukaemia and life threatening anaphylaxis (the list could go on). Every person that suffers from Masto has different triggers that could cause a life threatening state of shock e.g foods, physical factors, heat, cold, snow, stress, excitement, clothing, touch, medications, stings, bites, knocks and simply being cuddled
Not only does Masto effect the body but it effects the mind too. Dylan faces daily prejudice and I want people to know there is a person behind the spots!

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The 15K Experience

Dylan’s strength and resilience facing daily challenges to control his condition inspires me so I have decided to jump out of a plane! I have signed up to complete a 15,000ft skydive. I want him to know that there isn't a challenge that he has to face alone and by doing this I am raising awareness so others just like Dylan don't have to feel alone and frustrated when trying to understand a condition as rare and as unpredictable as Mastocytosis.

I want Dylan and others like him to be proud of who they are and not shy away from their condition.
No one should face prejudice and no one should not live their life to their full potential because of others!

I used to worry about cuddling Dylan and whether that would harm him; now the only worry I have is the harm that others cause him. That is why I want you to join me in spreading the word and making a difference.

We are here once... .let's leave some footprints!

This one is to make you proud Dylan. I love you xxx

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30-June-2018 00:00  - 
30-June-2018 00:00

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UK challenge

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Huge congratulations on a very scary challenge. I've no doubt that Dylan will have been very proud of his Mum. Dare I ask what the next challenge is...?
Donation by Heidi
on 03-09-2018
£5.00 gift aid
Dawn, congrats on your sky dive! Dylan is a superstar, you've done him proud. Lots of love x
Donation by Francis
on 24-07-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Well done Dawn! Looks superb!x
Donation by Stephen
on 11-07-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Well done Dawn, amazing achievement and a fantastic thing to do for your little boy.
Donation by Eamonn McGee
on 10-07-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Well done Dawn
Donation by Anonymous
on 10-07-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Massive achievement Dawn & a great cause, looks terrifying just from the pictures !!!!
Donation by Anonymous
on 10-07-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Dawn - you amazing woman you! Well done!
Donation by Fern
on 10-07-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Well done, Dawn. :)
Donation by Simon Parris
on 04-07-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Well done Dawn! Sorry this is after the event!! Lots of love, Terry and Liz x
Donation by Terry and Liz Cape
on 04-07-2018
£6.25 gift aid
You are crazy.... what a great thing to do though!
Donation by Sam Williams
on 03-07-2018
£2.50 gift aid

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