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The 1,000 Bracelet Challenge

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Caudwell Lyme

WE WANT 1,000 PEOPLE WEARING LYME DISEASE AWARENESS BRACELETS! Donate £5 for research and tell others how to keep safe.

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Lyme disease can hit anyone at any time. You can catch it from the bite of an infected tick - they look like tiny spiders - but it takes anything up to three months to get ill. 

It feels like very bad flu, but can also cause extreme pain or numbness, tingling, electric shock feelings, irregular heart beats, headaches and eye problems, paralysis of the face, and even encephalitis. 

You treat it with antibiotics, and some people get better, but others are left with these life-altering symptoms permanently. 

Lyme is one of the most under-researched diseases in the western world. According to the World Health Organisation, it's been increasing across Europe at 14% a year.  

We desperately need more research to tell us how to cure Lyme disease in everyone. 

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Fight Lyme with the 1,000 Bracelet Challenge

Our challenge is simple. 

We aim to get 1,000 people wearing Lyme awareness bracelets. 

We want 1,000 people telling their friends about Lyme disease.

And we aim to raise £5,000 for Lyme disease research by doing it.

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25-October-2018 00:00  - 
25-October-2019 00:00

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The 1000 Bracelet Challenge

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Donation by Anonymous
on 16-11-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Donation by Any Holder
on 15-11-2018
Keep up your amazing work! Thank you!! Love from a fellow Lymie 💚
Donation by Tracy Dopson
on 15-11-2018
£1.25 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 08-11-2018
£7.50 gift aid
Within my lifetime I hope to see a reliable test and proper treatment for those suffering from tick borne diseases, but preferably a cure.
Donation by Caroline Harrold
on 05-11-2018
£2.50 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 05-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid
I fully support this important charity
Donation by Sheila Garwood
on 05-11-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Kate Cackett
on 29-10-2018

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Online Donations: £130.00
Offline Donations: £0.00
Total Raised: £130.00
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with gift aid:    £148.75

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