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Al Fitrah - Natural Goodness in Every Person

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Noah Mohamed

Supporting Da'wah is a Fardh (obligation) upon all believers based upon your ability.

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I am a student. A volunteer. A servant of Allah and our Ummah. We attended many courses but what I love about Al Fitrah is that more than just lessons, you are constantly doing something.

Weather it was to clean up our centre, attend a course, plan and organise an event and join other causes for relief charities. It was never just reading or memorizing, it was a mix. You were engaged in practicing what you were learning or reading about. The weekend courses and then the weekend retreats were the best.

The 1Eid project was born here. Islam Channels launch was supported here. The 1st ever GPU's volunteers and teams were organised here. TV Appeals were organised here. Ramadan TV was designed and organised here. Muslim World TV was planned here.  The list goes on.  Ma sha Allah.

Anyone who wanted to do something good, Al Fitrah supported them. They still support me.

Event details

Supporting the Da'wah - Earning Sadaqa Jaariyah

Al Fitrah needs urgent funds for the following:

1.  Minibus for retreats
2.  Storage for all Dawah materials and equipment
3.  Event security / health & safety / venue
4.  ISOC support -  we bring speakers to ISOC's and at times ISOC students do not have the funds to cover the costs.  
5.  Saving up towards a da'wah learning centre

Give what you want to your own akhirah.  This is Sadaqa Jaariyah.   Inspired by a post on facebook from Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa'eed

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"...well funded Academy's and institutes pretty much took us out by taking our well trained volunteers as employees and out sold us to the public using far more a marketing reach amongst other challenges. Thus the support dwindled and I think people have come full circle. I think the quantity really ruined the quality. I think it is time to rekindle Al Fitrah Academy but that is just my opinion so it will be down to you brothers and sisters..."

Event date

21-May-2018 19:00

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Running / Walking

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Donation by Qudsia Ghafur
on 23-04-2019
£27.50 gift aid
Donation by Forida Hussain
on 22-04-2019
£18.75 gift aid
Donation by Shagufta Bhatti
on 22-04-2019
£18.75 gift aid
Giving to the Da'wah is the same as being the one giving Da'wah. He who is the cause of someones guidance to Islam, his place in Jannah is fixed. Oh Allah accept it from us.
Donation by Jalal Mohabbat
on 19-04-2019
£250.00 gift aid
Donation by Kashif Gulzar
on 30-03-2019
£0.00 gift aid
Assalamu alaykom wa rahma'tullah wa barakatu, payment for one box of Krispy Creme mixed, and a small donation. Jazakum Allahu khayran wa barak Allah feeke
Donation by Lisa Mohammed-Irvine
on 19-03-2019
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Kavel Akhtar
on 17-03-2019
Donation by Runi Choudhury
on 08-03-2019
£12.50 gift aid
Donation by Sajjad Sultan
on 08-03-2019
£37.50 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 02-03-2019
£0.00 gift aid

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Online Donations: £4,078.00
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Total Raised: £4,078.00
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with gift aid:    £4,821.75

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