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Sponsor desperate orphans for 12 months

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M Arafat Farooqui

Let's help those disadvantaged among the Ummah by sponsoring desperate orphans in the poorest areas of Egypt, Syria, Kashmir and Bangladesh.

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Please help me bring a smile to an orphan's frowning face so we can enjoy the company of our Prophet PBUH in Jannah. Donating just £30, one-off time provides an orphan with one-month full sponsorship. With £360 a year or £30 per month over 12 months, you can sponsor an orphan child for a whole year.  With the company of the Prophet in Jannah as a promised reward, the reward is immense and the act is small: a deal worth taking.
You can donate from your Zakah/ Fitrah/ Sadaqah, Fidyah, and or Lillah, as it all goes to those who are 100% Zakah-eligible.
Other Methods: In addition to cash or cheques, you can also donate by bank transfer or PayPal by visiting the donations page on my volunteer-led charity:
With 100% donation and gift aid policy, rest assured that 100% of your donations will go to those eligible and intended to receive them. Please remember to forward this noble cause to your contacts and to tick the gift aid box to maximise your reward.
May Allah accept from you and gather us together in the Jannah in the company of His beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Aameen.

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Ramadan Zakat/ Sadaqah/ Fitrah/Fidyah

Seven Spikes Relief Foundation, with its 100% donation and gift aid policy, has helped thousands of orphans, widows, and disaster-stricken people and can continue only through your generous support. Most people rightfully pay their Zakat and Sadaqah in Ramadan to maximize their reward. All those who receive our support are Zakat-eligible so you can rest assured that your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitrah, Fidyah, etc will go in full to the right person at the right time. Please pay your donation towards one of our projects, such as Orphans and Widows Sponsorship, Emergency& Basic Healthcare for the Destitute, etc. You can visit our website (, read about our charitable causes and donate here or directly on our website. We have provided thousands of the Rohingya refugees with basic food and healthcare supplies and dug and repaired hundreds of wells to provide continuous source of clean water for them. We also sponsor thousands of orphans and widows, in Kashmir, Egypt, Bangladesh and Syria. We also funded and are running, an Islamic School in Sierra Leone and are constructing an orphanage in Bangladesh.

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11-May-2019 00:00  - 
30-June-2019 23:59

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Ramadan Donations

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May Allah SWT accept from us in these last few hours of this Ramadan.
Donation by Arafat
on 03-06-2019
£610.00 gift aid
May Allah Accept it from us aameen.
Donation by M Farooqui
on 03-06-2019
£0.00 gift aid
This my Zakat contribution. Please use where most needed as appropriate. Jazzak Allahu Khayr
Donation by Anonymous
on 02-06-2019
Donation by Anonymous
on 02-06-2019
£2.50 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 30-05-2019
£0.00 gift aid
May Allah accept from you and reward you abundantly brother Arafat
Donation by Mahmoud Ibrahim
on 27-05-2019
£25.00 gift aid

Donation summary

Online Donations: £3,400.00
Offline Donations: £200.00
Total Raised: £3,600.00
Total Raised
with gift aid:    £4,362.50

Donations closed

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