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Rohingya Medical CAMP Ramadan 2018

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Drs Asif Malik, Aamir Iqbal, Ubaidullah Ghauri, Wasim Khan, Bilal Khan (UK)

Bangladesh-Ramadan 2018 -volunteer medic at "" Clinic, for Rohingya refugees. Zakah, Sadaqa, Lillah accepted.

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I'm a family physician( GP), Manchester graduate('98) working in Birmingham and overseas.

The Rohingya refugee crisis is causing suffering on a catastrophic scale. Over 680,000 refugees are seeking safe haven in Cox's Bazar.

Several colleagues have undertaken invaluable work as unpaid volunteers with MedGlobal - a US charity dedicated to providing healthcare to the most vulnerable. (Videos on YouTube)
I have now decided to do the same.

My deployment is during the blessed month of Ramadan, providing much needed medical care in a clinic in Palunkhuli (close to Myanmar border). The clinic is seeing in excess of 200 patients daily.

I am raising funds solely for supporting the running of the MedGlobal clinics for Rohingya refugees in Palunkhuli in terms of medicines & supplies (under guidance of MedGlobal)

100% of your donations will help provide free health care and life saving treatment.

I shall be an unpaid volunteer, completely self funded for my deployment at the clinic including travel and stay. I travel end of May 2018.

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Rohingya Doctors MEDICAL AID 2018

RAISING FUNDS for Rohingya refugees for Medical AID

For ZAKAH donations, please mention in Message Box for correct distribution

With charity USA, UK & other Worldwide volunteer health professionals - visit health clinics in Palunkhuli, where Rohingya patients arrive daily

Patients arrive with malnutrition, rickets, new born children, asthma sufferers, chest infections, wound infections, heat stroke, tiredness etc. Its a daunting situation!

These refugees are 1 hour from Cox's Bazaar, and more towards the BORDER, near BURMA

The clinic is treating 180 patients daily. Open 7 days

FREE Volunteer Health Professionals are going out on a one or two week basis from the US, UK, Worldwide. They are working in charity medical Clinic's

Major patient issues which are unable to be dealt with, are sent away to Bangladeshi Civilian or Army Hospitals, for further diagnosis and treatment

All our patient check-ups and TREATMENTS are absolutely FREE!
We give FREE medications, if we have it in our small general stocked pharmacy.

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20-January-2018 00:00  - 
31-December-2018 23:59

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Donation by Aamir Iqbal and Naziha Khawaja
on 08-12-2018
Lots of love and duas for Hamza and Joud x
Donation by Anonymous
on 08-12-2018
Payment of Zakat on behalf of someone
Donation by Anonymous
on 29-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Anonymous
on 23-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
Donation by Aamir Iqbal
on 13-10-2018
Sadakah for Aisha (daughter of naziha)
Donation by Zenab ali
on 06-10-2018
Donation by Nadeem Arif
on 06-10-2018
Donation by Jamal & Nada
on 05-10-2018
£0.00 gift aid
£100 zakat £40 sadaqah
Donation by Anonymous
on 18-08-2018
£0.00 gift aid
May Allah S.W.T reward you for your efforts.
Donation by Mohammed Hanif Patel
on 10-07-2018
£50.00 gift aid

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