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Assalāmu ʿAlaykum wa Raḥmatullāhi wa Barakātuh

Urgent Appeal
Hamidiya Community Organisation

Madrasah Hamidiya started in 2007 in a small house in Leicester. Alhamdulillah the Madrasah grew and moved to a council building. 

We now urgently require a new premises. 

HCO currently run an evening Maktab together with Hifz classes.  Jumuah and Taraweeh Salah are also performed at HCO. HCO has plans to expand which include five times Salah and classes for all ages. 

The minimum estimated cost of a new building is £500,000

“The example of those who spend in the way of Allāh is just like a grain that produced seven ears, each ear having a hundred grains; and Allāh multiplies [the reward further] for whom He wills. Allāh is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.” (2:261)

Firstly we request our brothers and sisters for dua that Allah keep the Madrasah running, to continue carrying out the khidmat of deen, the service of the Muslim ummah and that He grants us a premises .

Secondly, we appeal to our Muslim brothers and sisters to generously contribute and help relocate the Madrasah.

Lillah only donation
Please help us raise £500,000.

“...And Allāh promises you forgiveness from Himself and Abundance; and Allāh is All-Embracing, All-Knowing” (2:268)

Regarding Qarde Hasana please contact 07707287251

For further information please email 

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Charity No: 1174990

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